RPGStash D2R Guide: Best Werewolf Druid Runewords Build

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RPGStash D2R Guide: Best Werewolf Druid Runewords Build

Posted By Tom Riva     May 17, 2022    


Druid is a fairly well-balanced character and easily the best hybrid class in the game, it can use elemental skills to annihilate the battlefield, excel at summoners, or be comfortable using their shapeshifting skills and wielding two-handed weapons.

Furious Werewolf Druid Build

Players can use elemental methods to build druids or more stable and sturdy werewolves. The idea is simple, you become a werewolf and use Rampage as your primary attack skill, Rampage Rage and Wolverine/Oak Sage Heart to add buffs to you and/or your team.

All core skills such as Werewolf, Rage, Werewolf and Rampage must be maxed out, the remaining options are your preferred health boost or attack (Oak Sage/Wolverine Heart). That last bit should aim to invest in unlocking the Grizzly Summoning skill so you have a minion to divert aggro long enough to kill the group.

Stats Distribution:

Strength: Enough to wear the specific equipment you're looking for, no more than that.
Dexterity: Enough to wear the specific equipment you're looking for, no more than that.
Vitality: Every point you don't invest in either Str or Dex goes here, this is by far the priority.
Energy: Leave untouched, you don't need it.

Skill Points Distribution:

Werewolf (20)
Rabies (1, pre-requisite for Fury)
Fury (20)
Lycanthropy (20)
Feral Rage (20)
Heart of Wolverine (20) or Oak Sage (20)
Raven (1, pre-requisite for Grizzly)
Spirit Wolf (1, pre-requisite for Grizzly)
Dire Wolf (1, pre-requisite for Grizzly)
Grizzly (1 or more, at your convenience)

If players want to build Best Werewolf Runewords, they must first understand which runes Druid needs. You can accumulate d2r runes in normal battles, and form D2R Items For Sale according to the suggestions given below to quickly complete the rune construction.

Best Werewolf Druid Equipment and Runewords:

Weapons: The Reaper's Toll
Secondary Weapons: Breath of the Dying Runeword ('VexHelElEldZodEth'), Call to Arms ('AmnRalMalIstOhm'), or Death ('HelElVexOrtGul')
Helmet: Vampire Gaze, Cerebus' Bite, Jalal's Mane, Spirit Keeper
Armor: Sigon's Shelter in early levels, then you can go for the Runeword Duress ('ShaelUmThul'), and then either Fortitude('ElSolDolLo'), or Chains of Honor ('DolUmBerIst')
Belt: Sigon's Wrap for early levels, and then Verdungo's Hearty Cord or String of Ears
Amulets: The Cat's Eye, Highlord's Wrath, Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings: Cathans Seal x2 for early levels, then Raven Frost, and for the endgame Bul-Kathos' Wedding Bands
Gloves: Laying of Hands to begin, and then Dracul's Grasp
Boots: Sigon's Sabot for early levels, and then Gore Rider

You only need enough patience to get the strongest Werewolf Druid. The above are the D2R Items required for the most complete Druid construction. If you only lack one of them, then you can go to RPGStash to Buy D2R Runewords. At present, RPGStash has Updated D2r Ladder season items, if players need them, they can also quickly buy d2r ladder items here, which is the most convenient and quick way.