How Long Do Tooth Crowns Last?
    • Last updated March 28, 2022
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How Long Do Tooth Crowns Last?

Posted By Jason Clark     March 28, 2022    


If you have been told by the Best Dentist Near Me that you need a crown to save your tooth, then it is important to follow a treatment before the integrity of the tooth comes away. One needs to be concerned about the lifespan of a crown as with several other things, it is greatly affected by wear and tear if it bears the course that differs from patient to patient. To learn more about the crowns, tooth cap cost, and the lifespan of the crown. 




What is a dental crown?

With time, when your teeth get broken or damaged. It may occur because of various reasons such as injuries, tooth decay, or just more than that. The loose teeth may loosen down with their size or shape. The crowns near me are the tooth-shaped caps that are placed on your tooth. It is like a snug hat for your teeth. The crowns will fix the tooth size, shape, appearance, and strength. Further, the crown is placed on the top of the teeth, and it covers the visible part of the tooth. 


What are the materials used in dental crowns?

The permanent crowns are made up of several materials and they are- 

  • Metal 
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • All resin
  • All-porcelain or all-ceramic
  • Pressed ceramic

How much does the tooth cap cost?

Normally, a tooth cap cost ranges between $1100-$1500. Although, the prices may depend on the kinds of crown chosen. According to this, fees may vary from patient to patient, and then there is a need for a final crown to be placed, so if you require a root canal, gum surgery, or bone grafting, then the price of the crown will go up. 




When would require a dental crown?

One may require to have dental crowns near me for various reasons such as- 

  • To cover a dental implant
  • Recover a broken tooth or harshly modeled down tooth
  • Covering a tooth which is been treated with a root canal
  • Covers the misshaped and discolored teeth. 
  • It helps in protecting the weak tooth from breaking 
  • Carry your dental bridge in place. 


Further, you can also ask your dentist about the pictures of the tooth crown before and after. 


Can a Crown Last a Lifetime?

The crowns are permanent but they need to be returned after many years. If your crown is done well, you need to maintain good oral hygiene with the proper care of your crown. Together, with this, the crown may last for decades or even a lifetime. 


What are the tips to maintain dental crowns?

Following are the tips which are followed by everyone who has a dental crown- 

  • Restricts the intake of sugar 
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene
  • Rinse your mouth will a fluoride alcohol-free toothpaste 
  • Daily flossing is required 
  • Avoid acidic drinks and tobacco products
  • Wear protective night guards 
  • Visit a Houston dentist regularly. 


The crowns are very essential if you want to cure your damaged teeth. The best way to get the treatment possible effectively is to consult with the  Dentist Open On Weekends Near Me. He or she will be able to treat all your dental issues. For more information, visit our website or contact us!


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