Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Builds

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Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Builds

Posted By Tom Riva     February 24, 2022    



As we all know, using an efficient build is the best way to maximize a player's potential in Lost Ark. Whether you're taking on a PvE challenge or dominating the battlefield in PvP, having a good build will often allow you to succeed where a stunted character is likely to fail.

Effective Lost Ark builds require you to know which abilities and items are the best, but it's also very difficult. Having some Lost Ark Gold For Sale prepared ahead of time will definitely help. Today we will focus on the best gunner builds for PVE and PVP in Lost Ark, helping you choose the best state to maximize your efficiency.

Best Gunslinger Builds

Engravings: Combat Readiness, Master Brawler, Barricade
Skills: Bash, Counter Gunlance, Guardian's Thunderbolt, Leap Attack, Shield Bash, Shield Charge, Shield Shock, Shout of Hatred
Awakening Skill: Guardian's Protection

Gunlancers are the most durable of the three Warrior subclasses, making them ideal for Lost Ark's MMO PvE game, as they play the role of tanks so well. They also do decent damage, and with the right sculpting and skill, the Gunner will be a near-unkillable damage sponge.

The best sculpts to use with Gunlancer are Combat Readiness, Master Brawler, and Barricade. Combat readiness increases your damage by 20%, shields by 30%, and is in a defensive stance, which is where you should almost always be when tanking.

It also gives you a temporary 4% damage boost when you are hit in a defensive stance. The Master of Fighters further increases damage by 25% when hitting an enemy facing you. Barricades can increase your damage output while you're blocked, which is usually when you're on the front lines.

Simultaneously stun them or interrupt their movements with various strikes and debuffs. Finally, the Guardian's Protective Awakening skill increases your shield by 100% and deploys a protective shield that protects you and your allies from damage. The shield also stuns all enemies within its range, allowing them to attack.

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