A cooling pipe is an evaporator used to cool the air
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A cooling pipe is an evaporator used to cool the air

Posted By shanhe coils     January 24, 2022    


Generally speaking, an evaporator is an object that converts a liquid substance into a gaseous state. There are a large number of evaporators in the industry, of which the evaporator used in refrigeration systems is one of them. The evaporator is a very important part of the four major parts of refrigeration. The low-temperature condensed liquid refrigeration passes through the evaporator, exchanges heat with the outside air, vaporizes and absorbs heat, and achieves the effect of refrigeration. The evaporator is mainly composed of two parts, a heating chamber and an evaporation chamber.

Today we will talk about the type of evaporator tube.

1. Cooling pipe

The cooling pipe is a kind of evaporator used to cool the air. Widely used in low-temperature cold storage, the refrigerant flows and evaporates in the cooling pipe, and the cooled air as the heat transfer medium outside the pipe makes natural convection.

The biggest advantage of the cooling piping is that it has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture, and causes less dry consumption of unpackaged food stored in the warehouse. However, the heat transfer coefficient of the tube is low, and the operation is difficult during defrosting, which is not conducive to the realization of automation. For the ammonia direct cooling system, the seamless steel pipe is welded, and the smooth tube or the coiled fin tube is adopted; for the Freon system, the coiled or sleeved copper tube fin tube group is mostly used.

2. Snake tube type pipe

Snake-tube jacking pipe gravity supply or ammonia pump can be used; single-row and double-row coiled-tube wall pipes can be used for bottom-in and top-out ammonia pump liquid supply systems and gravity liquid supply systems. The pipe can also be used for the liquid supply system of the upper inlet and the lower outlet of the ammonia pump and the liquid supply system of the thermal expansion valve.

The advantages of the serpentine pipe are simple structure, easy to manufacture, small liquid storage, and strong applicability. The main disadvantage is that the vapor generated in the lower section of the platoon cannot be drawn out in time, and it must be discharged after the entire length of the platoon, so the heat transfer coefficient is small, and the vapor-liquid two-phase flow resistance is large.

3. U-shaped tube

The commonly used U-shaped pipe is composed of two or four layers of smooth seamless steel pipes.

The U-shaped top row pipe has the advantages of more uniform frosting, convenient production and installation, and small filling volume, which accounts for about 50% of its volume. It is suitable for gravity liquid supply systems and ammonia pumps, which enter and exit ammonia refrigeration systems. It is used in cold storage. Obtain a wider range of applications. However, it occupies more effective space in the warehouse, and the upper row of pipes is not easy to defrost.

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