Ordinary Aluminum Truss Stage Construction Technology
    • Last updated November 15, 2021
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Ordinary Aluminum Truss Stage Construction Technology

Posted By Zhan Shi     November 15, 2021    


It can build a variety of specifications, medium, and small stage systems according to the venue. The compressive strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles may be very strong. Aluminum Truss Stage can be divided into plug type and screw type according to the type of constructor. Describe the process of stage truss construction.

Build a stage truss, aluminum alloy light frame process:

Construction 12 * 6 * 6m lighting frame required: 3 m aluminum alloy truss, 12 * 2 m aluminum alloy truss, 8 * 1 meter aluminum alloy truss, 8 diagonal brackets, 4 iron bases, 4 Reverse head, 4 square sleeves, 4 horizontal arms, 4 sling, 4 cohes, screws, etc.

Construction method of aluminum alloy lamp holder:

Established four bases on the ground;

Insert the lower part of the diagonal bracket into the outside of each base;

Secure the back to the base with a screw;

Connect the beam;

There are two sets of square pairs and both sides on both ends and on both sides, at which point the beam portion is assembled on the ground;

Connect the cylindrical truss, Aluminum Truss Stage then secure one end on the crossbar and the other end is fixed to the crossbar and then secure the crane and the crossbar. Gourd's function is to increase the beam truss to below.

Be careful not to push the column with force and tighten it on the back. After the column, the hook below the gourn is hooked on the lower beam.

4 people slowly pull the gourd, pull the beam to the left and right position;

Install lighting and audio equipment on the beam;

4 people drag hoist to a predetermined height to stop;

Tighten one end of the diagonal struts and columns and tighten the bottom and the other end of the cross-support to complete the gantry.

Material Description: The diagonal support rod is the aluminum alloy crossbar. The base is iron and aluminum, and the cross arm is steel, truss, square cover, square head and inverted heads all made of aluminum alloy.