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your Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons baking category

Posted By sell cigarettes     November 10, 2021    


Around September, Malone Centre, Qujing Urban center, Yunnan state ushered while in the mechanization with tobacco roasted experiment business presentation. "Mechanized tobacco, we tested out it one time in 2012, it didn't work, and in that case it couldn't work. inch Sun Jianping, your tobacco player at jiuxian Sub-district Jinyuan Using Wholesale Cigarettes Store tobacco Farmers' Qualified Cooperative, reported, "It believes practical to endeavor mechanized deciding on again 2010. Especially the top of 4 to 6 tobacco, improved use. " Wu Rongchang raised 20 miles of flue-cured tobacco 2010, but usually above 10 people today can exclusively pick 20 acres on a daily basis. This time frame, he forced the all-in-one product to reap tobacco plus was happy after the knowledge. "As extensive as there's a simple machine roads, it work extremely well. " Wu Rongchang pointed out driving practical experience to reporters: "a working day 8 working hours mining 100 miles, equal so that you can artificial 30 to 50. " Reported by Qujing urban center tobacco enterprise technology center of your Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons baking category Wang Tao, select the lower, mid, upper using tobacco, change a blade exactly in danger. From modern experiment business presentation of 50 mu, great success is achieved. In the leadership with Wang Tao, with the picking site to your tobacco selecting workshop. Only one cigarette Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online pad production set is going. Tobacco leaves in the conveyor belt, on the turning product box, 10 a matter of minutes to pack a common box, a common box of 500 kgs. After a box is packed with tobacco, its lifted by way of forklift to your machine-made your oven. Compared together with the traditional this baking room, originates from design of your mechanical this baking room has never changed, although the rail as well as air circulation board will be added. The modification cost of every baking room concerns 3000 yuan. Practice demonstrates that a pad production set with 8 laborers, a working day can package 10 a pile of cured using tobacco. So a long way, more as compared with 50 a pile of tobacco were packed plus roasted. There are a fine prospect with promotion.