The role and classification of condenser in refrigeration dryer

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The role and classification of condenser in refrigeration dryer

Posted By shanhe coils     October 25, 2021    


The role of the condenser in the refrigerated dryer is to cool the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant into a liquid state after the heat exchange is completed, let it enter the compressor, and recirculate to continue working.

When the refrigerant enters the condenser, in addition to the heat released by the compressed air, there is also the heat released by the compressor.

There are two types of condensers used on refrigeration dryers:

Water-cooled condenser: The high-temperature refrigerant in the condenser exchanges heat with the cold water in the water pipe; the cold water can be disposable or recycled. When using circulating water, a cooling water tower or cold pool must be built.

In the summer of high temperature and humidity, due to the high working pressure of the refrigerated dryer, generally only the use of water-cooled rice can ensure the normal operation of the refrigerated dryer.

Air-cooled condenser: The high-temperature refrigerant flows through the condenser, and the fan exchanges heat with the ambient air. Its structure is mainly composed of multiple sets of serpentine coils. Due to the poor heat transfer performance of air, fins are usually added to the serpentine coil to increase the heat transfer area on the air side. At the same time, a ventilator is used to accelerate the air flow to increase the heat transfer effect on the air side.

The air-cooled condenser is very dependent on the ambient temperature, so if the machine room is overheated, it is very easy to cause poor heat dissipation of the condenser, resulting in excessive pressure in the refrigerated dryer.

In refrigeration dryers, the above two types of condensers have been widely used. Small refrigeration dryers are mainly air-cooled, and medium and large refrigeration dryers are mainly water-cooled.

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