Aluminum stage barrier supports custom colors

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Aluminum stage barrier supports custom colors

Posted By Zhan Shi     September 14, 2021    


Aluminum stage barrier supports custom colors

As the saying goes, "one sentence covers up a hundred ugly things", just as girls like handsome men and boys like beautiful women, people also habitually choose those "beautiful" aluminum stage barriers when they are shopping for aluminum stage barrier. The white aluminum stage barrier, pure white, flawless, let people increase the good feeling. So, in aluminum stage barrier manufacturers, white aluminum stage barrier sells the most.

But the application of aluminum stage barrier is mostly in the outdoor environment, "white" is easy to become dirty, such as the construction site environment, dusty sky, even beautiful aluminum stage barrier to that, also have to become gray. Therefore, the aluminum stage barrier used on the construction site is mostly black or black and yellow, so it is not so dirty in the past.

The reason why I say this is that some customers asked a question during the consultation: Is it possible to customize the color of aluminum stage barrier? The answer is: yes.

Usually, aluminum stage barrier manufacturers support customization of aluminum stage barrier, so naturally the color of aluminum stage barrier can also be customized. Such as yellow aluminum stage barrier, green aluminum stage barrier, black aluminum stage barrier ...... in the eyes of aluminum stage barrier manufacturers is not a thing.

General aluminum stage barrier guardrail production, the surface treatment process is: galvanized dip plastic, so aluminum stage barrier customization in terms of color does not exist much problem. It is precisely the custom advantage, make aluminum stage barrier has a strong application flexibility, the scope of application is extremely wide: for exhibition and engineering construction protection and security isolation activities, temporary isolation, temporary enclosure, etc..

Therefore, aluminum stage barrier guardrail crowd control, in housing protection, large public events, sports grounds, convention centers, festivals, parties, swimming pools and other places have a very important role.