New World: How To Upgrade Your Camp

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New World: How To Upgrade Your Camp

Posted By fblj007     August 11, 2021    


In a game as geared to survival as New World, you need every bit of shelter and security you can get. Camps are the best way to do this since they provide a safe respawn point as well as a spot to regain HP after a hard battle. Also, as you level your Camp, you will be able to craft higher-tier potions, tinctures, food, and weapon coatings. This guide aims to help any players who may be confused about upgrading their campsite in New World.

You need to unlock the ability to make Camp by completing an early quest. So if you're a new player or you've been ignoring the starting quests, here's what you need to do:

Complete the starting quests until you're told to visit the nearest settlement/city.
Continue to complete the quests at this settlement until you meet the Survivalist.
Talk to the Survivalist to unlock the ability to set up a Tier 1 Camp.

The Survivalist will give you a quest to try out your newfound Camp-making skills in the wilderness. In order to make Camp, find a suitable spot and then press "Y" on your keyboard. You'll get a ghost blueprint of your Camp, which you must place down in a viable spot. It'll need to be placed on fairly flat ground, so if it won't allow you to place the Camp, move to a slightly different area and try again.

Once you've placed your Camp, you'll have to build it by interacting with it. Building the Camp requires 5 Green-Wood and 1 Flint - both very easy to find in abundance early on, so this should be no trouble.

After you build the Camp, you can upgrade it. To upgrade camps in New World, you need to increase your Camping Tier. This will happen over time as you complete specific quests geared around camping skills. Unfortunately, the quests you need to upgrade camps don't become available until you reach certain levels.

Once you reach the levels seen below, you'll unlock an Upgrade Camps quest, which then takes you up a tier. Here's the breakdown:

Level 5 – Camping Tier 1
Level 15 – Camping Tier 2
Level 25 – Camping Tier 3
Level 40 – Camping Tier 4
Level 55 – Camping Tier 5

As you can see, you need to get to high levels to max out your Camping Tier. It's going to take a lot of time. So don't expect to be able to set up a Tier 5 Camp any time soon.

Hopefully, that's ended your confusion surrounding how to make and upgrade Camps in New World. It's one of the greatest tools an adventurer can have in this game, particularly if you're interested in playing with friends together. If you want to learn more about the new world, be sure to check here. In addition, you can buy new world amazon coins here. Not only cheap but 100% safe. With these coins, you can forge a new destiny for yourself on the supernatural island of Aeternum!