Working Process Of Fin Condenser

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Working Process Of Fin Condenser

Posted By shanhe coils     August 5, 2021    


Fin Condenser usually consists of partitions, fins, seals, and guide vanes. The fins, baffles, and seals are placed between two adjacent partitions to form an interlayer called a channel. This interlayer is stacked in different fluid modes and brazed as a whole to form a plate-fin The center of the heat exchanger, the center is equipped with the necessary heads, pipes, brackets, etc. to form a plate-fin heat exchanger.
Because the height of the fin greatly exceeds the thickness of the fin, the heat conduction process along the height of the fin is similar to that of a uniform slender guide rod. At this time, the thermal resistance of the fins cannot be ignored. The temperature at the end of the fin is the highest, which is equal to the temperature of the partition. As the fin convection heats off, the temperature in the middle area of ​​the fin continues to drop until the temperature of the medium in the middle area of ​​the fin drops. It is also part of the air conditioning system with
Industrial Evaporator Coils.