Elevators for some common environments

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Elevators for some common environments

Posted By Web star     June 30, 2021    


Speaking of elevators, many people know about freight elevators and passenger elevators, which are also common in general living buildings, but there are actually many types of elevators, not just passenger elevators and freight elevators. Let me give you the details below. Explain.

Elevators are classified according to their uses, and can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Passenger elevator: This is an indispensable elevator for high-rise housing. It is specially designed to transport passengers. Generally, the car will be decorated better.

2. Freight elevator: An elevator designed mainly for transporting goods, and the general load-bearing capacity will be larger than that of a passenger elevator.

3. Sightseeing elevator: It is mostly used for elevators used by passengers in scenic spots for sightseeing, and the car wall is transparent.

4. Sundries elevators: most of them are elevators designed for libraries, office buildings, hotels to transport books, documents, food, etc.

5. Vehicle elevator: used as an elevator for loading and transporting vehicles

6. Ship elevator: an elevator used on ships.

7.Villa elevator: A private elevator usually installed in modern high-end villas.

8.Medical elevator: An elevator designed to transport hospital beds, stretchers, and medical carts. The car has the characteristics of long and narrow.

9. Building construction elevator: elevator for construction and maintenance.

The above is the introduction of common elevator types. Of course, there are also some elevators used in special environments. I will not introduce them here. I hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone. For more product information, click here: elevator lift factory.