Standardized use of passenger elevators

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Standardized use of passenger elevators

Posted By Web star     June 2, 2021    


Elevator has become an indispensable vertical transportation tool in our daily life. What should we pay attention to in order to ensure our safe and smooth arrival?

Wait for the elevator to correctly press the up or down call button at the door. Never press the up/down button at the same time.

After the elevator opens, passengers get off first and then get on. If passengers get out of the car, you should stand aside to facilitate their evacuation and then enter the car.

When the elevator closes, don't put your hands or other objects between the two doors.

Evacuate through stairway in case of fire or other emergency. Because in case the power supply of the elevator is destroyed, passengers may be locked in the elevator car.

Get in and out of the car safely and quickly, and avoid staying at the door. Passengers standing at the door should leave the car first.

Press the destination floor button correctly to make sure you don't miss your floor.

If the number of passengers in the car is moderate, you can move deep into the car for the convenience of other passengers.

Passengers with children take good care of children; Passengers with pets should prevent pets from moving alone.

Keep a distance from the elevator door, and pay special attention to prevent clothes or other personal belongings from being squeezed by the elevator door when opening and closing the door.

If you need to keep the elevator door open, you should press and hold the door opening button. If you need to carry things, you can ask other passengers to press and hold the door opening button for you.

Take the elevator and stand near the car wall. Put your hands on the handrail when there is one.

Pay attention to the floor display and prepare for leaving the car in advance.

If the elevator does not open the door after arrival, press the open button. If you don't open the door, you should contact the central control room or property management department by using the alarm button or intercom system or telephone in the elevator, and wait for full-time personnel to rescue you.

Safety Tips Elevator injuries mostly occur at the door (people are squeezed by moving cars) or empty hoistway (people fall). When the elevator breaks down, your safety will be guaranteed if you stay away from these two places.

It is a dangerous place at the threshold of the elevator hall, so remember not to stay here.

In the process of elevator repair, in case the staff neglects to put warning signs and guardrails and works with the hall door open, you must never probe into the shaft out of curiosity. Remember, never approach the elevator shaft with the door open to prevent falling.

If you are locked in a car, the only correct way out is to try to ask for help. Never force the door to escape. The car parked between two floors and the opened hall door will put you in double danger.

For details, please consult: passenger elevator.