What aspects should be paid attention to in elevator safety?

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What aspects should be paid attention to in elevator safety?

Posted By Web star     May 19, 2021    


Elevator failure refers to the abnormality of the elevator mechanical parts or the components in the electrical control system, which causes the elevator to not work normally or seriously affects the riding comfort, and even causes personal injury or equipment accidents. So what common elevator failures should be paid attention to in the daily use of residential elevators (vertical elevators)?

In the daily use of residential elevators, the main causes of failures are:

1. Improper management of equipment by elevator users (such as residential property)

2. Improper use of passenger elevators

3. Inadequate maintenance by the maintenance unit

4. Aging of elevator parts

5. External reasons (such as power supply problems: unstable supply voltage or power outage in residential quarters)

In addition, there are reasons to pay special attention to:

Faults caused by the elevator door system: such as obstruction of door opening and closing due to domestic garbage and decoration garbage, causing elevator failure; rough handling causes door deformation and elevator failure; blocking the door closing time for too long causes the elevator protection to be inflexibly closed by the elevator door lock.

Failure due to improper maintenance: part of the elevator safety protection switch action, such as the malfunction of the speed limiter switch; the speed limiter tension wheel switch action; the buffer electrical switch action; the aging electrical components have not been checked out, etc.

Faults caused by the aging of elevator parts: the inverter protection of the elevator, and the aging of electrical components (contactors, relays, drive components, control boards) cause elevator faults.

In the daily management process, it is necessary to do a good job in the publicity and management of the use of elevators in a civilized and standardized manner, especially during the delivery and decoration period, strengthen the management of the decoration team, and do a good job in daily elevator safety inspections; for the maintenance work of the maintenance unit, maintenance should be done To confirm the work, choose a high-quality maintenance unit; for old elevators, a budget for the maintenance of the elevator should be made, and the parts that exceed the service life should be replaced in time.

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