Villa home elevator order process

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Villa home elevator order process

Posted By Web star     May 12, 2021    


A good and useful way to improve the difficulty of going up and down in a villa is to install an elevator at home. After all, the money for buying a villa is already available. The elevator money is just a small thing. However, ordinary elevator equipment requires an elevator shaft, and in the event of a power outage in the villa area, accidentally being trapped in the elevator is also a troublesome thing. In order to improve this situation, we have implemented a special elevator for villas, which can be installed at almost any place in the house. You must know that it is very popular at home and abroad.

The villa elevator equipment can well prevent the troubles caused by climbing up and down every day. The elevator equipment has also been widely used in every family. Welcome Kuanguang new and old customers to come to Youli Elevator to purchase equipment.

Villa home elevator ordering process:

First of all, the technical staff will select the elevator model according to the space specification and decoration style of your home, and provide the elevator function display, equipment plan, etc. The elevator decoration style blends wonderfully with the decoration style of the client's villa. In addition, when it comes to the elevator door opening method, the number of landings, and the working speed, the quotations of the corresponding villa home elevators are different.

After the plan begins to confess, professional engineers will come to conduct a detailed review, including: decoration style, detailed component selection, confession equipment and time of entry, etc.

Matters needing attention in villa home elevator:

After the confession plan, we need to pay a 30% deposit in advance when submitting the order, and deliver your order to the factory to formally join the production scheduling plan. From the production link to the arrival of the goods, the general delivery cycle ranges from 15 to 30 days. The difference at this moment is mainly determined by factors such as the degree of product process disorder and the number of orders.

Next is the quality inspection, packaging, delivery, and customer inspection links. Before leaving the factory, the professional quality department will conduct a comprehensive inspection of each component. The elevator is a sophisticated instrument, and the corresponding inspection process is standardized and cumbersome. Generally, the inspection time is up to 2 days. Through packaging and delivery, the villa home elevator technicians will cooperate with the door-to-door equipment after the elevator arrives at your home, and the customer will check and sign a confession.

For more product information, please contact us: China home elevator manufacturer.