Introduce The Precautions For Universal Joint Cross

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Introduce The Precautions For Universal Joint Cross

Posted By xsj bearing     May 10, 2021    


We all know that universal joints are relatively common in our daily lives. Among them, there are many applications for automobiles, and there are many types of universal joints, and the universal joint cross is one kind. So what should we pay attention to when using universal joint cross ?

When disassembling, handling and stocking, collision and stacking must be avoided; the inertia of the vehicle should not be used to start the engine to avoid impact; avoid violent lifting of the clutch pedal, and the gear shift should be smooth; try to ensure that the transmission is in neutral when the vehicle is braked Or leave the clutch in a disengaged state to prevent transmission overload; often check the diameter of the intermediate support bearing, the axial clearance, the axial clearance of the cross shaft, the clearance between the cross shaft and the bearing, the bearing and the universal joint fork hole, and the sliding spline pair Circumferential clearance; check whether the drive shaft is bent, dented and whether the balance sheet falls off; check whether the positioning of the engine, the rear axle (drive axle) and the intermediate support beam meet the standards.

However, different universal joints pay attention to different points, and so are maintenance-free bearings .