What are the conditions for the safe operation of villa home elevators?
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    • Last updated April 28, 2021
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What are the conditions for the safe operation of villa home elevators?

Posted By Web star     April 28, 2021    


Villa elevators are now very common. For villa elevators, high-quality elevators have a much smaller probability of failure than defective elevators, and elevators will not easily present safety problems. Therefore, if the villa elevator is to be operated safely, the following conditions must be met:

1. Draft strict handling measures

Units and parts engaged in elevator installations and handling must formulate specific, feasible and strict elevator handling measures, and shall have their own handling system and installation maintenance procedures to be implemented in business handling.

2. Strictly implement national and local regulations

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of villa home elevators, various cities and provinces have also drafted elevator handling specifications and handling methods based on the characteristics of the region. These specifications must be strictly followed and implemented.

3. No shortage of elevator equipment

Elevators are often in good condition, which is an important condition to ensure the safe operation and operation of elevators. Each part of the elevator equipment, in addition to regular protection and maintenance in accordance with the rules, should also be replaced in accordance with the rules for parts that are partially damaged or have reached the limit of the rule, so as not to exceed the service period and avoid accidents.

4. Train the operator

Personnel engaged in the repair of elevator installations and full-time drivers must be trained by the training department approved by the government, pass the inspection, and obtain a certificate before they can take up their posts, be familiar with various operating methods, and have operating skills.

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