Find professional freight lift manufacturers to buy elevators

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Find professional freight lift manufacturers to buy elevators

Posted By Web star     April 14, 2021    


The hydraulic freight elevator is a cargo elevator driven by a hydraulic system; it is used for the straight-line transportation of cargo between two or more points on the floor. The function is roughly equivalent to the elevator, and different from the passenger elevator, the hydraulic freight elevator is only used for cargo transportation. It is strictly forbidden to take seats.

Please note that the hydraulic freight elevator mentioned in this article is designed, installed, and accepted in accordance with elevator standards, and should not be confused with hydraulic elevators and other products.

When purchasing a hydraulic freight elevator, factors such as price and configuration are more important, but the customer should first understand the service objects, transportation capacity, work performance and requirements of the civil design of the hoistway, machine room, etc. Your own elevator can be used as a reference specifically from the following aspects:

1. The actual situation of the hoistway: the hydraulic freight elevator must be installed in a closed hoistway environment. The actual situation of the hoistway determines the specifications and dimensions of the final hydraulic freight elevator. It includes the width and depth of the hoistway, the situation of the pit and the engine room, etc.

2. Rated load. The elevator load (Kg) specified by the manufacturing or design is the main parameter of the hydraulic freight elevator. Generally, there are 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg and other specifications to choose from, or the customer can put forward non-standard requirements.

3. Rated speed. The elevator speed specified by manufacturing or design, in m/s, is the main parameter of the elevator. The general speed of hydraulic freight elevator is 0.25m/s and 0.2m/s, and can be designed to no more than 0.5m/s under special circumstances.

4. Car size. The size of the car of general hydraulic freight elevator can be understood as the outer net size and inner net size, expressed in width * depth * height, but the former is more used by customers, and the latter is more used by hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers. The reason is that customers are more concerned about their own use effects, and it is more convenient for hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers to calculate the size of the hoistway, so customers must confirm which car size they need to be quoted.

5. Lifting height. The hydraulic freight elevator runs from the bottom ground to the height of the top ground. It must be accurately measured, because the lifting height determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder, and the price of the hydraulic cylinder is relatively expensive.

6. The height of the top layer. The height of the car elevator running from the bottom end station to the top end station is also very important, because the height of the top floor must meet the national acceptance standards.

7. The number of stops and the number of hall doors and car doors. It has a considerable impact on the price.

When buying an elevator, you must find professional freight lift manufacturers. The quality is satisfactory and the after-sales service is guaranteed.