Webstar passenger elevator can achieve better comfort

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Webstar passenger elevator can achieve better comfort

Posted By Web star     March 23, 2021    


Passenger elevator adopts imported special frequency converter, based on advanced technology control theory, designed with ergonomics principle, starting, accelerating, braking curve to achieve better comfort, it is a real current vector control variable frequency drive system.

High-precision positioning control system:

The elevator car displacement tracking technology ensures the high-precision and safe leveling of the elevator;

The car displacement detection technology makes the car leveling perfect;

Advanced gated operating system:

The passenger elevator adopts advanced Panasonic variable frequency variable voltage control technology to realize the smooth and low-noise door opening and closing experience of the elevator. More importantly, the self-learning door load detector continuously increases the sensitivity of the elevator door machine. It monitors the elevator door in real time. The change of the store on the first floor automatically adjusts the most appropriate door opening and closing speed for each floor, ensuring a safe and reliable ride experience for passengers.

Energy-saving technology:

Passenger elevators use the most advanced control technology and drive technology of today's elevators to improve operating efficiency, minimize elevator energy consumption, and further reduce elevator maintenance costs. It adopts a new generation of internationally leading permanent magnet synchronous gearless main engine drive, which greatly improves the system efficiency, which is more than 30% more efficient than the traditional elevator drive.

Green and environmentally friendly traction system:

The compact structure of the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, its dead weight is only half of the traditional traction machine, and the design of the machine room area is exactly the same as the hoistway area, which fully improves the utilization rate of the building and reduces the proportion of the impact of the machine room on the housing under construction. .

Compact control cabinet:

The use of tailor-made elevator special thin control cabinets effectively saves space and improves the utilization of building space.

Efficient and energy-saving car lighting:

The energy consumption of car lighting can account for up to 40% of the total energy consumption of the elevator. Fuji fully adopts high-efficiency and long-life LED lights, which significantly improves the energy-saving effect.

Digital intelligent management:

Multiple protection and self-rescue functions, first-class quality, unique design, precise docking, and thoughtful service provide perfect services for modern residential projects.

Complete safety protection measures can protect the elevator in real time when a fault occurs during operation, and have the function of accurately recording the fault and analyzing the cause of the fault.

Applying the most advanced direct parking technology and sensorless load automatic compensation technology in the industry, the elevator runs more smoothly, stops accurately, and rides comfortably.

As a long-standing elevator supplier, Webstar Elevator Co., Ltd. provides customers with high-quality elevator products.