Car elevator brings a lot of convenience to car owners

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Car elevator brings a lot of convenience to car owners

Posted By Web star     February 23, 2021    


There is no need to get off the car elevator, press the elevator button, and then enter the car, why?

Car elevators undoubtedly bring a lot of convenience to car owners and users. However, every time you enter a car elevator, the car owner must first get off, press the elevator button, and then enter the car. After the elevator door is opened, the car owner drives into the elevator. This is time-consuming and troublesome, and also worry about safety. Therefore, for higher experience, high convenience, safer and flexible management functions, it is necessary to have a car elevator elevator control management system

Car elevator elevator control program 1: In the car elevator program, DUOAO designed a non-contact smart card + RFID long-distance card hybrid type as a voucher, combined with the current world’s advanced computer technology and network technology, to the elevator users and elevator use time Car elevator management system for control.

Car elevator access control plan 2: APP/mobile phone elevator control, mobile Bluetooth shake elevator access control, QR code visitor elevator intelligent management system) The design of Internet + Internet of Things enables the system to run completely offline and independently, and the system parameters The settings, card issuance, and card loss report are all realized by Doo's unique solution, which is simple and easy to use, without the need for network communication lines.

As elevators become more and more widely used, different types of elevators have been introduced due to the needs of different places and uses, such as passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, residential elevators, hospital bed elevators, villa elevators, and car elevators. Wait. Today the editor focuses on not only car elevators, but also elevator control management of car elevators.

The development of human beings is in an infinite process, but the development of cities is in a limited space. The three-dimensionality of urban architecture and the three-dimensionality of urban traffic coexist correspondingly. In order to solve the urban three-dimensional traffic problem, the car elevator has come from a dream to reality.

Based on the fact that the car elevator is a form of freight elevator in special equipment, and with the rapid development of the car sales industry and car service industry in recent years, the development has been widely used in car 4S shops, parking lots, car stores, car maintenance, and stations. , Real estate, business clubs, large shopping malls with parking lots on the roof, supermarkets and other places.

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