How to respond quickly when an elevator falls?

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How to respond quickly when an elevator falls?

Posted By Web star     February 2, 2021    


Relevant use skills of passenger elevators:

1. Don't panic when you encounter problems

Regarding the self-help problem of elevators, most elevator incidents occur when entering and exiting the elevator. "It must be clear whether the elevator has stopped." Once the elevator falls, damage cannot be avoided in any posture. It's just that the above-mentioned posture of the back close to the inner wall of the elevator may cause less damage.

In fact, there are very few cases of elevator falling in life. Most of them only temporarily cause problems, "just like the computer crashes and needs to be restarted." The elevator needs to descend to the bottom of the building and recover normally, and then rise from the beginning. Therefore, you must not panic at this time, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to yourself. Most elevator incidents are mainly caused by people themselves not paying attention. Generally, the security company in the urban area has to rush to the scene of the incident within half an hour after receiving the call for help, and the person must be rescued within two hours, otherwise the security company must be investigated for responsibility. Therefore, it is very important to stay calm and it is best to wait for professionals to come to the rescue.

2. Use positive guarding posture

Don't panic first, test the call for help first, then press the emergency button, and test all means to ask for help from the people outside the passenger elevator. Secondly, when the elevator is falling, put the back close to the inner wall of the elevator. If there are handrails, grab the handrails to strengthen protection. But if there is no armrest, you can lie on the ground and protect your head with your arms. This method is definitely wrong when the elevator takes off at the moment it hits the ground. In addition, because the car itself has better protection, it is safer to stay in the car when the elevator has problems.

3. Press all the floor buttons

The places where elevator problems are prone to occur generally occur in new communities. Because the new house is decorated and loaded with goods, the elevator is frequently used and even overloaded. So in a short period of time, elevator loss is more serious. It is necessary to do a good job in the installation and protection of the elevator. When few people know how to save the elevator when there is a problem, "all floors should be pressed, and not in and out of the car in a hurry" to ensure that the passenger elevator stops stable , The car door opened and escaped safely.

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