\u200bWhat are the operating items for home elevators?

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​What are the operating items for home elevators?

Posted By Web star     November 24, 2020    



The villa elevator is an important equipment in the construction of high-rise buildings, and it is also a source of danger for accidents at the construction site. It can cause serious accidents involving multiple injuries, so special attention should be paid when working.

So below, WEBSTAR will introduce to you what are strictly prohibited to operate the villa elevator?

1. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers, safety helmets and work permits, and bring children into the construction site.

2. It is strictly forbidden for any personnel to operate, stand, or walk under the lifting frame, hanging basket, and lifting frame wellhead and hanging objects.

3. The home elevator reminds that it is strictly forbidden to play, make noise and throw objects from high places at the home elevator operation site.

4. It is strictly forbidden to cross-work up and down at the same place without safety measures.

5. Home elevator reminds you: It is strictly forbidden to bring dangerous and flammable materials to smoke or light fire on the elevator site.

For more elevator information, please continue to pay attention to us: passenger elevator.