Reasons for Inconsistent Colors of PVC Cabinet Board

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Reasons for Inconsistent Colors of PVC Cabinet Board

Posted By jianguan ccc     October 29, 2020    


The key to the extrusion molding process of PVC cabinet board is to correctly control the crystallization rate of molten PP. Since the PVC sheet is extruded from the die, the first contact is the middle roll of the three-roll calender, so the temperature of the middle roll is higher than that of the upper roll, generally 15-20°C higher so that when the molten PVC touches the calender roll, The cooling rate of the upper and lower surfaces is close, so that it can be squeezed into a more transparent pvc sheet. Otherwise, the plate will show white crystals due to inconsistent crystallization speed. If the temperature difference of the calender roll is too large, the difference in crystallization speed will be too large and white crystals will be formed, which will affect the product quality.

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