Safety precautions for escalators

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Safety precautions for escalators

Posted By Web star     October 29, 2020    


Don't let the escalator "eat" you on the way to and from get off work.

1. First aid guide for escalators

In the installation manual of a certain escalator, there is such a paragraph:

The escalator entrance and exit machine room covers are made of non-slip ridges and stainless steel metal load-bearing layers. The cover support frame is made of 5mm stainless steel, which has sufficient rigidity, strength and corrosion resistance to withstand peak passengers Load.

A escalator that is normally manufactured and passed inspection should not have such a tragedy. However, this kind of thing happened, which is probably caused by not following the safety regulations when its structure has changed.

Every time you step on or leave the escalator is a big adventure, especially when the steps of the escalator disappear under our feet, all kinds of clothing or a certain part of the body may be stuck at this time On the escalator. In recent years, escalator accidents are not uncommon.

2. "Emergency stop button" elevator first aid key

The designer of the escalator still designed a (maybe not very efficient) insurance. Regardless of the up and down direction, there should be a red emergency stop button under one side of the escalator. The button location is usually chosen where it will not be easily triggered, but it is actually easier to find as long as you pay careful attention. When confirming that someone is involved in the elevator, people around should quickly find this button and press it decisively.

However, in non-emergency situations, do not press this button by mistake, or press it for fun, otherwise the sudden shutdown will easily cause passengers to fall, overturn or step on. There have been many cases of personal injury accidents caused by accidentally pressing the emergency stop button. Only when it is confirmed that someone is involved, you should press it decisively.

In view of the fact that incidents of escalators rolling people are not uncommon, once they occur, the losses caused will be very large, therefore, the public places where escalators are installed should also provide emergency training for service personnel.

3. Escalators like to "bite" these shoes

In the CCTV News report today, it also summarized several types of shoes that need to be careful when riding the escalator. For example: hole shoes, lace-up shoes, and open-toed shoes. These have been reported in the news. Be careful, especially children.

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