Learn Difference Between PVC Celuka Board and KT Board

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Learn Difference Between PVC Celuka Board and KT Board

Posted By jianguan ccc     October 22, 2020    


  PVC celuka board and KT board are also a kind of materials used for advertising and decoration. What is the difference between PVC foam board and PVC foam board? Let's take a look with the editor below.
   1. The pvc foam board has no deformation, no foam, and high specific gravity. KT board will foam and deform for a period of time after use, it is very light
  2, the raw material of pvc foam board is pvc. KT board raw material is ps
  3. The price of pvc foam board is relatively high. It is suitable for high-end inkjet printing, exhibition boards, screen printing, computer lettering, signs, and light boxes. KT board is mainly used in the advertising industry, signage industry, and widely used in the architectural decoration industry, culture, art and packaging industry, printing industry, DIY production (especially the production of airplane models) and cosplay props
  4, pvc board has corrosion resistance, insulation, and has certain mechanical strength, and has good chemical stability. KT board body is stiff, light, not easy to deteriorate and easy to process.

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