Learn Major Properties of 4x8 PVC Foam Sheet

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Learn Major Properties of 4x8 PVC Foam Sheet

Posted By jianguan ccc     October 8, 2020    


As one of the largest plastic products in the world, people make reasonable use of its water-proof, flame-retardant, acid- and alkali-resistant, and moth-proof, not only light weight, but also thermal insulation characteristics. It is used in passenger cars, trains, offices, residences, and public buildings Widely used on compartments. Based on these characteristics, it is not difficult to see the excellent performance of 4x8 pvc foam sheet, so what are its performance? How does it play a role with performance? Let me take you to understand the specific content of these three properties.

  First, environmentally friendly

  PVC foam board is very popular in the field of interior decoration. This is because it does not have a large amount of formaldehyde like other decoration materials. Formaldehyde, as a substance that is more harmful to the human body, makes many people hate products containing formaldehyde. The popular PVC foam board is popular because it insists on taking the environmental protection and health road and the concept of renewable and sustainable use. At the same time, the green concept adhered to in this product has a small but extremely important significance for protecting the earth environment and natural ecological resources.

  Second, environmentally friendly

   PVC foam board with good quality and low price has always been favored and loved by consumers, mainly because of its excellent quality and high cost-effective advantages. With this advantage, PVC foam board also has good environmental performance, can withstand most organic solvents such as inorganic acids, alkalis or salts, and can be used in medicine or chemical anti-corrosion materials.

   Third, electrical

   PVC foam board, as a product with excellent electrical properties and can better accumulate electrical energy, has made outstanding achievements in the use of electrical properties. But relatively speaking, the corona resistance performance is slightly worse, and it is more suitable for insulating materials between low and medium voltage and low frequency.

   The above is an introduction to the three major properties of PVC foam board, which are environmental protection, environmental and electrical. It is precisely because of these excellent properties that the development of its PVC foam board is getting better and better. In the process of purchasing products, consumers can also judge whether the selected product is qualified or not based on the above three properties. Performance is an essential feature of high-quality PVC foam board.

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