Reasons for choosing a multi-user network meter

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Reasons for choosing a multi-user network meter

Posted By morgan yhddb     September 24, 2020    


The way of electricity consumption is becoming more and more intelligent. The old-fashioned electronic energy meter are gradually abandoned by the times because of their own shortcomings. This also creates more and more diversified functions of smart meters. Multi-user network meters like smart meters are also more convenient to use, and they are also very common in daily life.

Compared with the traditional electric energy meter in the past, the multi-user network electric meter can realize the characteristics of household metering, centralized collection, high accuracy, safety and reliability. It can effectively eliminate energy waste, and its small size can effectively save space. , And can also achieve accurate measurement.

Multi-user network meters can effectively prevent electricity theft. Centralized installation and centralized management can fundamentally prevent electricity theft and leakage. This can reduce many electricity disputes and electricity accidents, so it reduces users' worries. A very important feature of the multi-user network meter is its good safety performance. The safety performance of the meter is related to thousands of households. It needs to be guaranteed in terms of performance. Not only can it reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of leakage, but it can also be used more safely. kilo watt-hour meter generally have functions such as anti-theft, prepayment, overload protection, and vicious load identification when power is cut off.