Know Properties of UV Print Pvc Board

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Know Properties of UV Print Pvc Board

Posted By jianguan ccc     September 17, 2020    


The specific properties of UV Print Pvc Board that make them highly useful in different types of applications such as the following: They are maintenance free. They provide enhanced efficiency. They help to improve the project’s overall LEED or equivalent green building ratings. They are light in weight and can, therefore, be easily loaded and transported. The transportation and handling costs are less. They can be used both for structural applications and as an aesthetic finishing material for specific surfaces. They have a smooth finished surface. The PVC board is homogenous and the density is equal at all points of the board. The PVC boards are moisture and termite-proof and last for long periods. They do not contain lead/cadmium or any other carcinogen. PVC foam boards can be recycled and thus do not form any kind of burden. PVC boards can be put through a number of processes just like how plywood may be used. They can be cut like normal plywood. They can be cut into desired sizes. They can be drilled into just like plywood. You can glue one piece of PVC board with another to form the desired shape. You can drive nails into PVC board just like how you would do with plywood. You can put PVC boards through a CNC router to get special shapes and in many numbers. The UV print pvc board is one of our product, welcome to your come and purchse! If you have any questions, welcome to visit

The PVC cabinet board is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!