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10 High-Paying Jobs In New York City 2018

Posted By Daniel1     October 9, 2018    


Last month, the American labor market entered unfamiliar territory, with job openings outnumbering seekers for the first time on record. Now workers are reaping the rewards, their salaries up 1.6% since last year. But it’s those employed in some of the nation’s most bustling metro areas who are seeing the biggest bumps—for example, New Yorkers, whose paychecks have grown 2.2% in the last 12 months, propelling more jobs into six-figure range.

“It reflects an escalation of wage pressure in the economy,” says Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D., chief economist at Glassdoor, a job search, recruiting and insights platform. “In big, expensive metro areas like New York City, we’re likely to see strong pay growth, partially because of escalating housing costs and low unemployment rates.”

To determine the jobs paying the most in New York City, Forbes looked to Glassdoor’s June 2018 Local Pay Report. Calculated using anonymous salary data from millions of U.S. workers, the report shows annual growth in the median base salaries of 84 jobs across 15 industries. Unlike the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which estimates wages based on all forms of compensation for full-time, part-time and contract workers, Glassdoor only evaluates base pay for full-time employees. Despite differences in methodology, Chamberlain says the overarching trends reported by the BLS and Glassdoor typically align.