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  • Description : Women are 'solely' responsible for the propagation and existence of the human race. Now with the creation of artificial sperm, a man's role in the process is void and unnecessary. Statistically:Women live longer on average. Women deal better with stress.Women perform better in school. Women are better advertised and thus better paid in that particular industry. The youngest mathematics professor in the united States today is a woman

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    Mens Vs Womens

    Aristotle believed that nature ordained not only physical differences between male and female but mental differences as well. His followers may even take many items in his list of sex-specific "mental characteristics" as fine examples of his observational powers.


    By comparison to man, he argued, woman is "more mischievous, less simple, more impulsive ... more compassionate[,] ... more easily moved to tears[,] ... more jealous, more querulous, more apt to scold and to strike[,] ... more prone to despondency and less hopeful[,]Aristotle wrote extensively on his views of the nature of semen but seemed to struggle with the concept of what a woman actually was and 




    His idea of procreation was an active, ensouling masculine element bringing life to a passive female element.


    While Aristotle reduced women's roles in society, and promoted the idea that women should receive less food and nourishment than males, he also criticised the results: a woman, he thought, was then more compassionate, more opinionated, more apt to scold and to strike. He stated that women are more prone to despondency, more void of shame or self-respect, more false of speech, more deceptive, and of having a better memory.


    Modes of Rule


    Aristotle supported the laws that meant a woman's personal wealth automatically became her husband's. According to Aristotle, there were different "ways" or modes (tropoi) of rule, including despotic, royal, and political rule.] "Political rule" is of those who are free and equal, who tend in their nature to be on equal terms and to differ in nothing. And Aristotle thought that a husband and wife should live under political rule, the rule suitable to those who are free and equal.


    As for the differences between husband and wife, Aristotle says that these "always" consisted in external appearances, in speeches, and in honors. Aristotle advocated that, should a husband lose money and his reputation, a wife was to refrain from complaint and to attribute this to sickness, ignorance or accidental errors. He thought that, sometimes but not always, males were leaders, or, both the male and the female have the deliberative capacity of the soul, but he thought that in the female it lacked authority.


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