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So how to choose a reliable manufacturer among countless manufacturers? Today, I'd like to introduce you here. I can also provide some help to customers who want to buy products, so as to ensure that customers can buy cast iron plate products with good quality and favorable price.

First, look at the internal operation process of the company.

Can simply understand, after the seller manufacturer orders, will go through those processes, the average good manufacturer will have a precise process, this process is unchangeable, more reasonable process planning can explain the depth of the manufacturer's qualifications, how much experience.

Second, look at standardization.

1. Check whether the products made by the other company meet the national standard range? Is it national standard or enterprise standard?

2, check the other company covers an area, size, production equipment and production technology is leading the level of other casting industry companies.

3. Whether you know the detailed requirements of the customized products and the general idea of quickly clarifying the customer's psychology is an important part of the success factors.

4. Check whether everyone in the other company knows their job responsibilities. Only by strictly planning their work can they give satisfactory products.

Third, look at culture.

The superficial manifestation of cultural elements that one hears and sees when entering an enterprise.

First of all, the corporate culture requires senior managers to stick to the production line, directly observe the daily production progress and production details, and listen to the actual reflection of employees.

Secondly, in this culture, lean tools are used every day to highlight potential problems, and everyone will ask "why" until the root cause of the problem is found out, corresponding countermeasures are put forward, and the correctness of the countermeasures is constantly checked.

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gong da's Album: Wall Photos