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In recent years, with the growth of population and the progress of society, the discharged waste and pollutants exceed the standard seriously, exceeding the capacity of the earth itself to consume itself. Sustainable development has become an urgent need.

Especially for foundry, foundry in our country is a traditional basic industry, at the same time, it is also a high investment, high consumption and high pollution industry. The trend of "three highs" in foundry industry has prompted the industry to seek a new development mode-green management.

We have rich experience in the production of steel castings, steel ingots and other products. The steel castings provided by Shenyang Gongda have been recognized by many customers. Many customers are very interested in how to improve the density of steel castings. We will briefly summarize the knowledge of steel casting density for you.

1. If the density of steel castings is high, there will be no casting defects such as bubble cracks, thus reducing the rejection rate of products.

2. High density steel castings are suitable for use as precision steel castings, and the steel structure of steel castings will be more accurate.

3. The density of steel castings has a great influence on toughness. The higher the density of steel castings, the higher the toughness.

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gong da's Album: Wall Photos