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In many production and processing places, attention will be paid to the application of steel castings. In fact, there is not much difference between cast steel and cast iron in appearance, but there are great differences in application. First, cast iron has certain hardness, but it cannot be compared with cast steel. In addition, cast steel has more advantages in corrosion prevention. Cast iron is easy to rust after a period of use, but cast steel can be used continuously.

Through the above comparison, it can be found that steel castings occupy more advantages in application. Of course, both cast steel materials and cast iron materials can meet certain application requirements. Users only need to meet the installation and use standards when selecting. In addition, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the application disadvantages of cast steel materials. Although cast steel materials are relatively good in strength and resistance to external forces, they cannot be used for a long time. If the installation and use time is too long, the materials are likely to have fracture problems. In addition, inaccurate positioning and other phenomena are easy to occur during processing and production. Therefore, attention should be paid to methods and methods during processing and the production process should be completed according to standard procedures.

In order to improve the production quality of steel castings, workers need to pay attention to the fluidity of molten steel during production and processing. Because the fluidity of molten steel is insufficient, cold insulation may occur during processing and the processing effect of cast steel materials will be affected. If the above situation is to be avoided, attention should be paid to simplifying the operation method during processing and adjusting the cross-sectional area of cast steel materials. Through these methods, the production effect of cast steel materials can be improved.

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gong da's Album: Wall Photos