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Steel products are popular in today's social development. Therefore, steel castings is a typical existence. How to solve the technological problems of steel casting in the production and construction of steel casting? Xiao Bian made the following summary for you.

In order to avoid the above problems in the process of manufacturing large steel castings, attention should be paid to the fact that if the thickness of the material is relatively large, the solidification time should not be prolonged at this time, and the solidification should be completed in a short time. The advantage of this is that the uniform temperature can be maintained in different areas of the steel castings, and the local temperature is not too high and the local temperature is too low. In addition, attention should be paid to the selection of coatings, and coatings conforming to the process regulations must be selected for processing.

Before putting into production, the staff should also pay attention to the process design method of large steel castings, and strictly follow the process flow during processing to ensure the production effect of large cast steel materials, and also to avoid problems such as process defects. If the thickness of the materials is relatively thin, attention should be paid to dispersion during pouring, which can make pouring more uniform.

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gong da's Album: Wall Photos