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** Stickers & GIFs in PrimeMessenger **

Stickers & GIFs have become popular, lively ways of expressions in the past couple of years. They’re much more “human-like” and expressive than Emojis, and animation makes them attractive.

According to Market research, 69% of Americans use Stickers & GIFs because they believe they can communicate their emotions better through images.

This new feature will be especially useful for our customers in domains: Social Networking, Niche Communities, and Dating.

Get this upgrade Now to boost Engagement in your Community & Business:

Check these in action at:

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  • Kahil Carlson
    Kahil Carlson   ·  September 14, 2018
    Man I just wish it had access control. Talk about running before you can walk, lol
  • lurquilla
    lurquilla   ·  September 14, 2018
    Is Prime Messenger multilingual? Spanish?
    • Team Team
      Is Prime Messenger multilingual? Spanish?
        ·  September 16, 2018
      Yes Luis, PrimeMessenger allows multi-lingual support. To know more about PrimeMessenger you can visit our website or we can have a conversation using PrimeMessenger real-time messaging interface or also on LiveChat.

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