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Esta Noche, todos somos una voz….

Pa mi gente en Puerto Rico... though you are an island, you are not alone.

We know that there are those who are still in total darkness, so I want everyone here to make light. Put on the flashlights of your phones - raise them high. Show our country, that we are beyond the illusion of our differences.

We are heeding the call, to take action, to aspire to our higher selves. For our brothers and sisters around the world, we are ready to be the light...

To Shine.

Never have we faced so many tragedies in such a short amount of time. There are fires still burning on the west coast as we speak.

Whether it be, across the waters to the islands of the Caribbean, under the rubble of resilient Mexico, into the smoke filled skies of Northern California, let our light shine...

United as One voice, one people one family.

There is one thing, that rises above any storm, more powerful than any earthquake, flood or fire…. And that is...

Yavuz's Album: Wall Photos